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In response to industry concerns about the falling number of students entering electronics at degree level, the UKESF has established a summer school to help reverse this trend.
Engineering firms are finding many school-leavers still lack the skills required for a career in industry.
Companies of all shapes and sizes are embracing social media and many use it to scout for - and hire - new employees. Read the low-down on three, must-have channels for job hunters.
Understandably, many people find discussing salaries uncomfortable and embarrassing during an interview.
A Curriculum Vitae is a self-marketing tool and getting an interview can depend on how good your CV is.
Employers often use psychometric testing to vet potential employees and help them understand a little more about your personality and ability to fit into the role they are offering – and this type of
The main aim of a covering letter is to encourage recruiters to read your CV. However, it needs to do a lot more than say, 'here is my CV!'.
Rapport is the connection between two people; the spoken and unspoken words that say ‘we are on the same page’.